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Hey, hi, and hello. Maybe I should get to the point before you move on. I'd hate for you to have to go to another website and go through all that trouble.
I am Brandon, and I am based in Eastern North Carolina, more specifically the Greenville and Goldsboro areas. I am originally from the mountains in the western part of North Carolina, but moved east to attend East Carolina University, where I earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering.
When those that know me say "jack-of-all trades" they are thinking of me. I work in the construction industry and moonlight in production. I am a sound engineer and lighting tech. I dabble in photography and videography. I design websites from time to time. And that is only the tip of the iceberg.


I am just getting into the wonderful oversaturated market of video making. I am a total tech head and always have more gear than I really need or know how to use effectively. Also i have way too much unused footage sitting on hard drives.


Another amateur passion that I spend way too much money on. Luckily there is a lot of overlap. Thank you digital cameras. Every once in a while I snap a good picture and post it to Instagram. Go give my profile a look and a follow.


I am not a great writer, but I do have a lot of thoughts. I want to get them down and out there (because believe me they can be out there). Hopefully something I write can provoke some thoughts or discussion.


Articles and posts that I feel like sharing, or that might be interesting to put out to the world and everyone.

Brandon in the Mountains
Tucson Mural-1
Volkswagen Wheel


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I typically reply to all email inquiries within 24 hours.

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